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Soundset Recordings
BEDLAM presents a new and exciting album of English, Scottish, and Irish lute songs, including such beloved works as "Greensleeves" and "Lavender's Blue."
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Died for Love
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: SR1085
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2017
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Died for Love01.  Anonymous: Died for Love   2:25
What is it all02.  Thomas Campion: What is it all   1:31
All looks be pale03.  Thomas Campion: All looks be pale   3:47
The Scottish Hunt's Up04.  John Whitfield: The Scottish Hunt's Up   3:18
Corn Rigs Are Bonnie05.  Anonymous: Corn Rigs Are Bonnie   4:03
Come, cheerful day06.  Thomas Campion: Come, cheerful day   3:09
Come away07.  Thomas Campion: Come away   2:03
Sharp Pavane08.  Richard Allison: Sharp Pavane   3:49
Lavender's Blue09.  Anonymous: Lavender's Blue   2:10
Break now, my heart10.  Thomas Campion: Break now, my heart   3:20
Fire that must flame11.  Thomas Campion: Fire that must flame   2:11
Gigue12.  Thomas Robinson: Gigue   1:00
Fain would I wed13.  Thomas Campion: Fain would I wed   2:14
Awake, thou heavy spright14.  Thomas Campion: Awake, thou heavy spright   1:48
O, mirk, mirk is this midnight hour15.  Anonymous: O, mirk, mirk is this midnight hour   2:51
A Ground16.  Anonymous: A Ground   2:28
Greensleeves17.  Anonymous: Greensleeves   5:11
Baloo Baleerie18.  Anonymous: Baloo Baleerie   3:19