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Soundset Recordings

Brooklyn Bridge
With: University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcoc...
Building Castles in the Sky
With: James Caldwell, Marilyn McDonald, James Weaver, Kennet...
Bul-Bop: Works for Flute and Guitar
With: Atanas Ourkouzounov, Mie Ogura
Caio Pagano: Music for Children
Caio Pagano
Camera Lucida
Johnandrew Slominski
With: Albie Micklich, Andrew Campbell, Martin Schuring, Robe...
Canticles: Chamber Music of Dusan Bogdanovic
With: Dusan Bogdanovic, André Papillon, Antoine Garth...
Carmen, Live 2009
With: Auburn University Bands, Dr. Rick Good
Carter and Rachmaninoff Cello Sonatas
With: Anthony Ross, Evelyne Brancart
Carter Pann: The Narrows
With: Carter Pann, Christopher Creviston, Margaret McDonald,...
Caught in Nature with J.S. Bach
With: Rita Blitt, Yehuda Hanani
Caught in Paint
With: Rita Blitt, David Parsons, Lois Greenfield
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