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Fine Classical, Instrumental, and Specialty Recordings

Electro Acoustic Music III
William Buonocore, Maria Tegzes, Jean-Claude Risset, Jacques Lind...
Electro Acoustic Music VII
Electro Acoustic Music: Classics
Judith Bettina, Harvey Sollberger, Ianniis Xenakis
Linda Dusman: "i need no words"
Shannon Wettstein, Paul Hoffmann, Lisa Cella, Jane Rigler, E. Mic...
New Music Series, Vol. 2
Joan Heller, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Arthur Haas, Dorothy Bastian, Em...
Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions (1991-2013)
Stacey Mastrian, Paula Chipman, Paul Hoffmann, Jeffrey Gram, Jacq...
Three Circuitous Paths to the Music of Roger Reynolds
June in Buffalo Ensemble, Jesse Levine, Harvey Sollerger, Rachel ...
Xenakis / Ravel
Marc Ponthus