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Soundset Recordings

Dual Quest (The Anido Guitar Duo)
Annette Kruisbrink, Arlette Ruelens
Duo Franco-Brésilien joue Coste, Sor, Diabelli, Gragnani
Duo Franco-Brésilien, Frederic Bernard, Giacomo Bartoloni, Fabio...
Duo Franco-Brésilien joue Sor, Carulli, Diabelli
Duo Franco-Brésilien, Frederic Bernard, Giacomo Bartoloni
Ear Candy
Todd Hallawell, Robin Kessinger, Duane Webster
Eight Little Letters
Adam Zweiback, Scott Leader, Coleen Dieker, Briana Brandy, Keith ...
Electro Acoustic Music 1
E. Michael Richards, Anssi Kartunnen
Electro Acoustic Music II
The Electric Phoenix, The Boston Musica Viva, Luca Paccagnella
Electro Acoustic Music III
William Buonocore, Maria Tegzes, Jean-Claude Risset, Jacques Lind...
Electro Acoustic Music V
Electro Acoustic Music VI
Daniel Kientzy, Charles Lipp
Electro Acoustic Music VII
Electro Acoustic Music: Classics
Judith Bettina, Harvey Sollberger, Ianniis Xenakis
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