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Soundset Recordings

Franz Xaver Mozart (1791-1844): The Complete Piano Chamber Music
Christopher Harding, Suren Bagrutani, Aaron Berofsky, Kathryn Vot...
French Piano Music
Caio Pagano
J.S. Bach: 2-Part Inventions, 3-Part Sinfonias, Italian Concerto, 2 Toccatas
Anthony Newman
Joaquin Turina
Meadowmount Trio, Jiri Zigmund, Owen Carman, Stephen Shipps, Eric...
Juliana D'Agostini + Catalin Rotaru
Catalin Rotaru, Juliana D'Agostini
Liszt: The Poet Inspired
Derek Parsons
Live in Concert
Danwen Jiang, Walter Cosand
Live in Japan
Caio Pagano
Louis Nagel Live in Concert
Louis Nagel, Priscilla Johnson, Judy Vander Weg
Nine Sonatas for Piano Solo: 1987 to the Present Day
Anthony Newman
Paul Hindemith: Ludus tonalis and Reihe kleiner Stücke
Siglind Bruhn
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for String Instruments and Piano
Harry Sargous, Yizhak Schotten, Siglind Bruhn, Katherine Collier,...
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