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Soundset Recordings

With: Edward Goodman, Liz Ames
Linda Dusman: "i need no words"
With: Adam Kent, Airi Yoshioka, E. Michael Richards, Jane Ri...
lines color & form: music of bryan johanson
Luke Trimble & Matthew Keating
Liszt: The Poet Inspired
Derek Parsons
Live Flute Recital
With: Donald Peck, Melody Lord
Live from Spartan Stadium: 2006
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
Live in Concert
With: Danwen Jiang, Walter Cosand
Live In Concert 2009
With: All Star Brass, Ryan Anthony, Martin Hackleman, Patric...
Live In Concert 2010
With: All Star Brass, Jens Lindemann, Sam Pilafian, Martin H...
Live In Concert 2011
With: All Star Brass, Martin Hackleman, Mark Gould, Jens Lin...
Live In Concert, Recording 125
With: University of Illinois Bands, James F. Keene
Live In Concert, Recording 126
With: University of Illinois Bands, James F. Keene
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