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Soundset Recordings

Joji Yuasa
Landscape: Australian Guitar Duets
With: Brew Guitar Duo, Bradley Kunda, Matt Withers
Leslie Bassett: Music for Piano and Piano-Violin Duo
With: Leslie Bassett, Wendolyn Olson, Gabriela Lena Frank
Linda Dusman: "i need no words"
With: Adam Kent, Airi Yoshioka, E. Michael Richards, Jane Ri...
Making a Song and Dance
With: Elizabeth Bennett, Christopher Blake, Paul Schumann, S...
Mass Observation
With: University of Michigan, Jerry Blackstone, Jonathan Ova...
Miklós Rózsa's Double Life: Concert Music for Strings
With: Marjorie Bagley, Stephen Swedish, Michael Carrera, The...
Music For Chamber Ensemble
With: The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman
Music for Timpani
With: Mark Berry, Donald Speer, Todd Sheehan, Zachary Lopes
Music of Brian Bevelander
With: Brian Bevelander, Federico Cortese, Renee Clair, Matth...
Music of Jan Bach
With: Jan Bach, Jean Berkenstock, Robert Debbaut, Stephen Du...
New Music Series, Vol. 2
With: Joan Heller, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Arthur Haas, Dorothy ...
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