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Soundset Recordings

Electro Acoustic Music: Classics
With: Ianniis Xenakis, Harvey Sollberger, Judith Bettina
Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions (1986-2017)
Roger Reynolds - Personae - The Vanity of Words - Variation
Electro Acoustic Music 1
With: Anssi Kartunnen, E. Michael Richards
New Music Series, Vol. 3
With: Carol Lieberman, Estension Works, Harvey Sollberger, L...
With: Jill Felber, Gloria Cheng, Betty Oberacker
Electro Acoustic Music III
With: Camilla Hoitenga, Jacques Linder, Jean-Claude Risset, ...
Richard Karpen: Nam Mái / Strandlines
With: Stefan Ostersjo, The Six Tones, Seattle Symphony
Iannis Xenakis
With: Iannis Xenakis, La Jolla Symphony Orchestra, Philip La...
With: Alicia Di Donato, Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensembl...
Urban Cabaret
With: Maria Tegzes, Geoffrey Burleson
Joji Yuasa
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