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Soundset Recordings

Berthomieu, Bozza, Uber, Brant
With: West Chester Flute Ensemble, Mélodique Quartet, Emily...
Pride of the Mountains 2001-2004
With: Western Carolina University Bands, Bob Buckner
Western Carolina University Marching Cats and Cathouse Band 1996
With: Western Carolina University Bands, Bob Buckner
WiZARDS! Works!
Romance at the Piano
Ho Yan Agnes Wan
The Stream Flows
With: Linda Wang, John Kinzie, Tom Miller, Alice Rybak
Mendelssohn - Corigliano Violin Sonatas
With: Linda Wang, David Allen Wehr
The French Collection
With: Linda Wang, Robert Thies, David Allen Wehr, Sebastien ...
The Great American Songbook
With: Harry Watters, Salt River Brass, Patrick Sheridan
Romanze of Weissenborn
With: Robert Williams, Juan de Gomar, Michele Cooker, Kriste...
With: Robert Willoughby, Wilbur Price, Wayne Rapier, James C...
Pierné - Reger - Roussel
With: Robert Willoughby, Wilbur Price, John Tartaglia, Maril...
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